Safety is something to take serriously.


At HOVER-X, we keep your safety at the top-most level of priority. To ensure the highest of safety features, we provide you with a CE Certified hoverboard and power charger, both of European safety standard EN 60335-1. Every HOVER-X electric scooter is fitted with a genuine Samsung battery pack, which is also tested and certified to the European safety standard EN 62133. Every hoverboard from HOVER-X is put through a series of rigorous tests to ensure that it is maintains the highest quality of safety. Some of the conducted tests include Mechanical strength tests, Over temperature tests, Electrical safety tests, Construction safety tests, Fault condition tests, Connectors safety tests, Thermal abuse tests (battery cells), Forced discharge tests, Electrostatic discharge tests, Electromagnetic interference tests, Radiated emissions tests, EMF human exposure tests, Overload protection tests, and many more. In addition to this, your HOVER-X hoverboard also regulates the temperature while it is in use and while it is being charged. So you can ride your HOVER-X hoverboard with complete peace of mind.


Step on your HOVER-X and you’ll know that something special is happening.


Before switching the hoverboard on, both the left and right sides rotate freely. Energize the board and the stabilisation control and User Position Sensing (USP) technology kicks in. The sensors detects that there is a rider. Then the USP system starts to constantly reference the rotational position of each side of the board (left and right) relative to the wheels and then checks this against the forward movement of the hoverboard. It does this literally thousands of times a second using something known as the Hall Effect. When there is no forward (or backward) movement the motors offer rotational stability. As the board starts to move in any particular direction the effect of this is reduced with the rider gaining stability through their own momentum.

 If either side of the board is tilted forward or backwards relative to the wheels, the system detects this change and either accelerates or brakes that side in proportion to the degree of tilt and the speed of travel. This gives precise control of speed, enables the hoverboard to be turned almost effortlessly and allows forward and backward travel. As we say, simple but smart.