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Safety Helmet
5 / 5
The helmet’s pretty good and solid although would be nice if it had more colour options.
Tasha Fenton,
5 / 5
Bought the helmet and knee pads and stuff for my son when I got the hoverboard. The quality’s pretty good and keeps him safe cos he still tumbles about a bit since he’s just started on the hoverboard.
Anna Bronfman,
5 / 5
I would strongly suggest other parents to buy the helmet and other safety gear from hover x when they’re buying the hoverboards for their kids. The materials are really good and it’s kept my kid from getting hurt plenty of times!
Jenna E.,
5 / 5
Purchased the urban hoverboard. It works great. Also bought the accessories with it. Got the helmet and silicon cover. Took me a while to figure out my helmet size though. But yeah the covers great. Would recommend it.
David Kahn,
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