Ride quality comes from using superior materials and the best build techniques. There is no -finer-built hoverboard on the market today than the HOVER-X.


The key to its outstanding performance is its energy-efficient, well-engineered motors and powerful batteries. All HOVER-X models have electric, brushless motors built into the sold aluminium wheel rims – offering super-smooth, totally silent power, for the best ride you can imagine.  The HOVER-X only uses Samsung lithium-ion batteries, which are some of the best-performing – with a high power output, good ranges, rapid charging time and a long life.


For practical reasons, quick charging is also essential. Every HOVER-X board is supplied with fully-approved and CE-certified chargers, which are easy to use and offer speedy charging – so you can be back on the board in no time. Charge levels are indicated at all times, so you are never at risk of running out of ‘juice’.


The HOVER-X is fitted with circuit boards that are protected against overloading – so they won’t short circuit. The internal cabling is channelled through protective ducts and secured with special heat-shrink sleeves, to avoid chaffing or other damage. Temperatures are monitored both in use and during charging to ensure everything is functioning optimally at all times.


The cast aluminium inner body and undercarriage are exceptionally strong and resistant to wear, tear and collisions. And the outer ABS skin can be replaced if damaged, and can be protected with silicone guards.


Even vibration-proof screws are used to ensure nothing becomes loose over time, which can occur if regular screws are used.


It’s this kind of attention to engineering detail that makes the HOVER-X probably the most cleverly-built of all hoverboards on the market today.