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Hover-X brings you to the future with a ride on our amazing Hover-X URBAN Hoverboard. It’s integrated with cutting-edge, User Position Sensing (UPS) technology and intelligent control system. Get effortless riding with the impressive acceleration, precise corner control and non-slip foot pads. Just choose your Hover-X URBAN colour and ride on!

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The Hover-X URBAN F1 is built for absolute power! The F1 series is built with the same specs under its hood as the URBAN. The added bonus is its stunningly sleek body. Designed with a carbon-fibre, high-tech finish, the F1 practically screams ‘performance’.

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Hover-X only uses certified high performance long life Samsung batteries to guarantee the best range and speed performance

Quick charging to ensure your board is always ready to ride

Ultra light weight Cast aluminium inner body and undercarriage

Outer ABS skin can be replaced if damaged

Wheels are engineered from solid aluminium to maximise their durability

Circuit boards are protected against overloading, so they will not short circuit

Temperatures are monitored both in use and during charging to ensure everything is functioning normally

Even the screws are vibration-proof