HOVER-X is making sure you arrive to the future in style. Our hoverboards feature great workmanship and advanced technology, combined together to deliver the perfect rider experience. The 2016 range of self-balance boards have CE-certified safety technology, so you can cruise with confidence. Whether indoors or outdoor the art of riding a hover board takes just minutes to master. Your precise turns, spins and high top speed on a HOVER-X hoverboard will definitely outstrip others. It is super easy to buy a HOVER-X hoverboard online directly from us. So nows the time to get hold of your very own hoverboard from HOVER-X and enjoy the new cool.

How it Works

HOVER-X combines cutting-edge User Position Sensing (UPS) technology with an intelligent control system to independently drive each of the wheels. This means you can stay effortlessly balanced, whether moving forwards, backwards or spinning in circles. UPS technology is simple, but smart. Speed is controlled by leaning forward or backward, while turning can be mastered by tilting either the left or right foot forward to initiate the move. Turning is so precise and easy-to-control you'll quickly be doing 360 spins on the spot.

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Safety is something to take seriously when choosing a hoverboard. The company that brings you HOVER-X has 28 years experience of manufacturing electrical products in Europe - so you can trust that your protection has been at the forefront of its mind every step of the way.

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Hover-X only uses certified high performance long life Samsung batteries to guarantee the best range and speed performance
Wheels are engineered from solid aluminium to maximise their durability
Quick charging to ensure your board is always ready to ride
Circuit boards are protected against overloading, so they will not short circuit
Ultra light weight Cast aluminium inner body and undercarriage
Temperatures are monitored both in use and during charging to ensure everything is functioning normally
Outer ABS skin can be replaced if damaged
Even the screws are vibration-proof

It's this kind of attention to engineering details that makes the Hover-X possibly the most cleverly built of all hoverboards on the market today.

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New Technology, New Hoverboard

Step on a balance scooter from HOVER-X and get ready to ride towards the future! We at HOVER-X have dedicated ourselves to provide you with the most efficient engineering when it comes to our electric scooters. With our cutting-edge User Position Sensing (UPS) technology, controlling the movement of the hoverboard is extremely simple. Each hoverboard has been carefully tuned to give you excellent performance, a high top speed and absolute safety. The art of riding a hoverboard is quick and easy to master. Which means you'll be leaving everyone else behind in no time!

Get Your Hoverboard Today

Whether you call them swagways or hoverboards these are definitely a thing of the future and it is really no surprise that everyone is clamouring for one. Children, youngsters or adults, the hoverboard is a must have. At HOVER-X, we give you a range of balance scooter models; choose from sleek designs, carbon-fibre bodies or vibrantly coloured graffiti patterns. Thanks to our UPS technology, our hoverboards are simple to manoeuvre and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. We even offer matching accessories to further improve the riding experience. Whether it is a birthday or just a surprise treat, you can easily buy a hoverboard online from HOVER-X. And with Christmas around the corner, a hoverboard is definitely one of the best Christmas gift ideas!


Full service support, spare parts and repairs are all provided locally in the UK through our dedicated HOVER-X service centre.

Uniquely HOVER-X also offers a two-year factory warranty on all hoverboards.